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Belgian meat products

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Why Belgian meat products?

Primary supplier

With a share of 12% of the total turnover, Belgian meat products are the primary supplier of the food sector.


In the meantime, our suppliers of Belgian meat products export over 210,000 tonnes to amongst others the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

That's why you better choose Belgian meat products!
Meat-processing companies

In the meat sector alone, Belgian has 180 meat-processing companies, both big and small, each with their own authentic products and flavours.

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Welcome to the world of premium Belgian meat products.

Belgian meat products: tradition and craftsmanship

Brochure: Artisan Fine Meats from Belgium

Wherever you go in Belgium, you'll find a wide variety of local meat products made with care and craftsmanship. Our butchers pass on their authentic recipes from generation to generation. The vast majority of Belgian meat products have grown from artisanal butchers which often still use the original recipes of their ancestors with the authentic flavours.

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